Monday, February 25, 2008

Character and Business Success

Here's a bit of recent news to motivate your students, teachers, or business colleagues, reinforcing the need for character. We tend to think that A's in school will automatically translate into an A+ career. But without character, skills and experience, you'll probably be disappointed.

Today I received a press release that one of our country's most successful, respected investment companies, The Vanguard Group, has just handed the reigns of their organization to a new leader. What kind of leader did they want? See how, in his first sentence, the former CEO describes the new one:

"Bill McNabb is a man of great integrity, values, character, talent, experience, and accomplishment."

Press releases by major companies are worded with great thought and precision. Note that the first three qualifications speak of character. If you were promoted on the basis of these traits, would you qualify for a promotion?